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Text Box: Lindfields was built from 1991 to 2001, and benefits from its prime position near to Disney and the main town of Kissimmee, compared with subsequent developments that have been forced steadily further out along the US 192 or even on to the US 27 that runs North  South at the end of the US 192. 
These houses tend to be on smaller plots, reflecting the increased costs of land, and are 20 to 30 minutes further away from the airports and main theme parks etc. 

Text Box: US highway 192, which runs East  West is the main road through Kissimmee with 100s of shops and restaurants. On the main part of the road it has 'Markers' every mile to help find your way around, and Lindfields is about 2 miles from Marker 4.
Text Box: Our house on Lindfields estate
Our house is located on Lindfields estate, about 4 miles southeast of Walt Disney World (less than 10 minutes drive) and can be reached easily from both airports. From Sanford (50 minutes drive) and Orlando International (30 minutes) there is a toll road US 417 that runs almost all the way, eventually joining the US 192 highway near Disney. From here the house is about 5 miles away on the US 192.